(Before you buy it).

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Where to start?

Forming digital communities with your learners.

From animated selfies to research stories.

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Digital Abstracts for Impact in Applied Health Research.



Why we still separate these spaces in Universities.

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Svein-Tore Griff With presents the keynote (photo. Stephan Caspar)

Empowering educators

How academics need podcasting and how easy it is.

Everything on a single slide


Getting your voice is heard is easy, you just need to have a plan.

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Bridging the gap between physics and non-physics students.

From the series on Population Growth — Elinor Irish

How students use of digital is challenging assessment

Joel Filip https://unsplash.com/@joelfilip

On reflection

Stephan Caspar

Rides bikes, speaks French, designs things, thrashes axe, paints shed, films, teaches and learns.

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