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Getting your voice is heard is easy, you just need to have a plan.

Stephan Caspar
3 min readJul 24, 2017
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This is a short piece to support a five minute talk, actually it’s three minutes with two minutes for questions.

Podcasting is about bringing the niche together, a chance to draw audiences into the intimacy of your experience, talking to each listener as if they were there with you.

…wanting to share the same head-space. Roman Mars, Host, 99% Invisible

Podcasting is laser focussed, you‘ll find the people you need to talk to and hear from those in your sector, area and interest. You might not even need to figure out who that audience is. One of the best pieces of advice is to remember that you are your first listener, and once you share with another person and they like it, then they’ll share again, with each interaction a recommendation.

The making part is easy.

That incredible multi-media creation suite in your pocket is crying out for you to do something with it, so let’s make a podcast now.

Open up VRP7 or Anchor or Opinion, press 🔴 and start talking.

Voice Recorder 7 Screenshot

But the thinking part is hard.

Deciding on a format is important, I would recommend thinking about sustainability, finding a way to record on a regular basis and impact, thinking about the best way to tell those stories. Here are ideas for you:

1. Conversation

A chat between two people, two experts? a lay person and expert? Two people out of their depth doing something new? Enjoy the dynamic between these two people

2. Solo

Just you on your tod. You need a list of things to talk about, a starting place and somewhere you want to get to. You might need to break it down into questions or topics. Like a good teacher you need some changes in pace and direction, you need to let yourself breath and you need to allow some thinking time for your audience.

3. Interview

Two people who have never met and getting to know each other, or two people who know about each other and want to ask some good questions. It’s nice to arrive at something, the interviewer might coach, cajole and conclude. What you’re capturing is something special from that interviewee, a gift for your listeners.

4. Group

This could be a podcast that has all of the above, including other people, a group discussion, moving around the table, people chipping in and talking over each other, with interviews and reports.

You need to find a formula that works, not just once but again and again. If you can get into a regular pattern then the chances are that you’ll be able gain some momentum and start to build your audience.

The tools are at your fingertips, it’s time to make a plan and open up your conversation.

Opinion App

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